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Unisex, Hair Growth Essence.

Unisex, Hair Growth Essence.

$ 10.00

Net WT: 20ml
Size: 4*8.5*4cm

Hair Type: slow growth, no elasticity and luster, easy to break, not smooth
Note: after opened, use out within 4months.
Efficacy: extraction of precious herbal essence, repair hair follicle, soild the hair root, hair loss, bifurcation, improve dry hair manic and other issues, promote blood circulation, accelerate hair cells the new supersedes the old., on peripheral nerve net there are obvious adjustment function, promote organ function the activity and regeneration, which is 2-3 times faster hair growth, nourishing hair more healthy.
Scope of application: hair growth slow person, hair growth need, no elasticity, hair with dull, easily broken, hair not docile, not smooth.
Usage: Every 100 ml Shampoo, Add 3ml Andrea Hair Growth Essence Liquid, Stir To Mix.